I am looking for a full-time Software Engineering job that would allow me to stay in the Portland, Oregon area. I am open to remote work if there would be no more than one week of travel every two months.

I prefer to develop on a Linux desktop with either Emacs or Eclipse. I excel in integration tasks, system-wide debugging, or any task that requires knowing many technologies. I have been doing generalist work for years that has required me to be responsible for managing the server to writing a backend to implementing the UI.

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Independent Consultant and Developer (4 Years)

I worked for a handful of companies over the years and in some cases produced entire products. In other cases I enhanced and maintained large infrastructures to help companies meet performance needs as well as cost efficiency.

Senior Software Engineer - hi5 Networks (1 Year+)

I worked on games and API team, using Java. This required making a scalable API system for external developers to be able to release their games on hi5. Some of the issues I specifically took the lead on were related to providing a cross domain Javascript API library, analytics of game usage, and refactoring of code to increase stability and scalability.

Senior Software Engineer - Glu Games (3 Years)

My initial work at Glu was focused on efficiently porting applications and video games to the large amount of J2ME and Java phones on the market. Over that time period I produced significant improvements to the process by creating libraries and tools to offload manual work. Once Glu started to experiment with social gaming, my job duties switched to Actionscript, Javascript, and PHP development.

Technical Consultant - EPIUSE America (3.5 Years)

Originally I did development work for EPI-USE while I was getting my master's degree in Computer Science. This development focused on J2EE and specifically the JBoss application server. After I graduated, I became a technical consultant mostly developing customized applications for SAP based systems. I developed on SAP's Java web application server and SAP's ABAP based backend systems.

Intern for the iPAQ Engineering Team - Compaq (2 Summers)

My duties included the basic testing and debugging of source code, driver development, debugging tool creation, troubleshooting engineering/design issues, and research into ubiquitous computing issues. Most of my development was done in Embedded Visual C++.

Teaching Assistant - Georgia Institute of Technology (3.5 Years)

I TAed for two classes. CS1322 - Object Oriented Programming and CS2130 - Languages and Translation. CS1322 is taught in Java and CS2130 is taught in C. As well as my responsibilities that required teaching and giving feedback, I did significant course development. My duties required the development of instant feedback mechanisms that allowed students to submit their code online and get a report of the problems with their code.


Georgia Tech - Masters in Computer Science


Georgia Tech - Bachelors in Computer Science